• Community Events

    RPOA Real Estate Investor Happy Hour!

    Real Estate Investor Happy Hour

    RPOA - Michigan's Largest REI and landlord association. Looking to connect with like-minded investors? Want to meet others in the business? Just looking for a good time? Then…join us every 4th Monday of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for...

    Monday at The Mitten

    Craft Beer Group of Grand Rapids

    Located in historic Engine House No. 9 on Leonard Street, The Mitten is a vintage baseball-themed microbrewery/pizzeria with a focus on community involvement and charitable giving. They offer classic year round beers along with high...

    John Maxwell's - 21 Laws of Leadership - Become Your Best Self in 2017!

    Leaders Growing Leaders

    "A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up." - John Maxwell  THIS WEEK: Discover LAWS #3- PROCESS & LAW #4- NAVIGATION.  Learn how champions become champions by the way they train.  What can you do to improve your daily habits?  What courses are you...

  • Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

    The time to list your home for sale is NOW!! There are more buyers than good homes for them to buy. So, how do you make sure your home is ready for the market?  As the trainer for one of Michigan’s largest real estate companies and the author of You Gonna’ Sell Real Estate or […]


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